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Genomics Platform Sequencing

Bringing affordable whole genome sequencing to Africa to facilitate health innovation

The goal and vision for the SAMRC Genomics Centre is to grow South Africa’s capacity for whole human genome sequencing and engage in an Afrocentric approach to reducing South Africa’s burden of disease. Lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, stroke heart disease, diabetes and cancer and infectious diseases, particularly tuberculosis and HIV-AIDS are contributors to this burden. 


The cost of NGS sequencing has always been a hurdle for researchers in South Africa. The SAMRC Genomics Center aims to lower the cost barrier, by offering affordable NGS services at a more centralized location. It will enable sustainable capacity development in both NGS and data science. We end with the hope that we will be able to establish a training facility which will enable us to host NGS workshops in both the wet lab processes and bioinformatic analysis.