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Health Services to Systems

The Health Services to Systems Unit, based at the University of the Western Cape’s School of Public Health, studies the modern field of health policy and systems research. The Unit focuses on the best ways to apply health intervention strategies to real world settings with the goal of achieving a sustainable and widespread impact.

Key focus areas

  • Assessing primary health systems;
  • Encouraging health systems to be more community-focused;
  • Developing strategies to strengthen health system leadership and management;
  • Comparing the health systems of South Africa and India;
  • Finding ways to measure the changes within the health system over time;
  • Assessing service delivery reform initiatives within South Africa’s health system;
  • Exploring strategies for the sustainable implementation of priority health programmes;
  • Reviewing initiatives focused on improving human resources in healthcare and its availability;
  • Analysing methods and conditions that promote change in the health sector; and
  • Growing the field of Health Service and Population Research (HSPR).

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Prof Helen Schneider
Unit Director
  • +27 21 959 3563