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Request for Research Proposals
South African Medical Research Council – Global Alliance for Chronic Disease
Implementation research targeting chronic non-communicable disease risk factors associated with city environments
Launch date 17 February 2023
Deadline date - - Please refer to funding partners' timelines

Implementation research targeting chronic non-communicable disease risk factors associated with City environments

The Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases’ (GACD) funding call will focus on implementation research proposals with the potential to equip policymakers and practitioners with evidence-based strategies for reducing the risk factors for non-communicable diseases in cities in disadvantaged populations globally. In the context of this funding call, ‘cities’ include urban centres, informal settlements and slums, and periurban areas.

Expected impacts of this call

The projects funded under this call will collectively:

  • provide city leaders globally with evidence-based policy and practice recommendations that:
    • promote population health in equitable and environmentally sustainable ways; and
    • address the challenges of rapid urbanisation, growing social inequalities, and climate change.
  • improve capacity for cross-sectoral implementation research.
  • contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 3.4

Potential impact

  • There is strong likelihood of contributing to the outputs listed in the ‘Expected Impacts’ section of this call text.
  • The project has clear value for the amount of funding requested.
  • The project appropriately leverages existing programmes and platforms (e.g. research, data, delivery platforms), if relevant.
  • There is potential for sustaining the intervention(s) at scale.
  • There is potential for the translation of the findings, methodologies, and frameworks into different settings.


South African applicants should have a South African identity number and in a permanent working position at a South African Institution.

It is advisable that the South African PI(s) include co-investigators from his/her own Institution. If the PI for one or other reason cannot complete the study the co-investigator can step-in to complete the study within the timelines agreed to.

Applications with only South African researchers will not be considered for funding under the current call for proposals.

Process of Applying

First step

The SAMRC application(s) is a one step process. To qualify for a possible co-funding from member GACD agencies the South African applicants must submit a LoI with the PI(s) from the appropriate GACD agency of a high-income country.  A copy of LoI should be submitted to the SAMRC.

The deadline for submission will be according to the respective agencies deadlines as indicate on their respective websites.

Second step

The PI(s) from the successful applications which are selected by the joint GACD expert review panel will be invited to submit a full proposal.


The applicants must adhere to co-funding agency’s timelines (See link below).

  • Deadline for outline/proposal stage: Please refer to funding partners’ timelines
  • Deadline for full application: Please refer to funding partners’ timelines
  • Notification of successful applicants:  Please refer to funding partners’

Note: Please refer to funding partners’ timelines (


Contact details

Enquiries should be directed to the following e-mail address: